No more sitting on the hedge in The Hague

Leading World Water Day 2013 is a high-level meeting in The Hague, long home to global core values and initiatives, including 300in6 — and today to our videos.

Fed by inputs from across the organs of world society, the meeting risks the repetition of old messages under new words: of exhortation and instructions to others. That’s the tired old-business as usual: you must, they should, let’s cooperate.
Let’s hope that all parties simply say “We shall”. And do.

As the sun sets over a briskly cool The Hague on 22 March, today’s leadership will be walked out of the conference building by that of tomorrow, as today’s school kids conclude their impressive Walk for Water. A picture that speaks a million words, and almost one billion new consumers, and three billion re-assured ones, of safe water.

Walk on, with hope in your hearts.