Design a red line, designer red line

In the crowded arrivals hall of Geneva airport, there is a very bright, straight, red line embedded in the floor. It is at the cusp of two floor areas: dark wood panels at the exit for arriving passengers, and light stone for the greeters. It has replaced the steel barriers installed decades ago.

Was this, we asked the airport building manager, to separate the two groups? “Absolutely, but it took us a while to persuade the architects. We won that bet, and now almost everyone respects it”. Not quite – and that was our point. After much filming, we confirmed that those greeters who stayed behind the red line seemed to be locals. Namely, those who live in a society with almost one thousand years of pretty heavy rules for social conformity. And visitors from Foreign Isles and Elsewhere? They didn’t notice the line at all. You’ll see it soon in our video on social marketing. Merci, Monsieur l’Aeroport.